Dive deep into the heart of Poseidon Partner, where we see beyond mere numbers and charts. We see dreams taking flight, aspirations being realised, and the boundless potential of every individual. We're not just in the business of finance; we're in the business of empowering the good lives. For the visionaries who dare to dream bigger, for the rebels who challenge the ordinary, and for those who believe in carving a brighter, more prosperous path - we stand with you.

In a world where many are content with the status quo, chasing after fleeting metrics and short-term gains, we rise above. With wisdom and foresight, we champion the enduring value of your investments, ensuring they blossom for generations.

Our vast financial tapestry spans across industries and borders. Whether it's personal wealth, family legacies, or global market endeavours, we're here to craft your vision and bring it to life. Together, let's chart a journey of passion, purpose, and unparalleled success.

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Our commitment is unwavering, and our interests are deeply aligned with yours. Every decision, every step, is a testament to our dedication to doing what's right, ensuring our paths converge in mutual success.


As stewards of your dreams, we blend meticulous risk management with a profound commitment to wealth preservation. In the vast landscape of finance, we stand as your vigilant protectors, ensuring your legacy thrives amidst life's uncertainties.


With institutional investment intelligence at our fingertips and sagacity in our hearts, we stand as your trusted financial guide. Our wisdom is your asset, ensuring you benefit from strategies reserved for the elite.



Time has sculpted us, and our team's rich tapestry of experiences ensures that with every challenge, you're in hands that have not only seen it all but have triumphed through it.



Bryan Ho, CFA, FRM
Founder & Chairman
Mars Wang
Founder & CEO


With Poseidon Partner, you're not joining just another company. You're embracing a heartfelt mission, one that pulses at the core of everything we do.

Here, KPI isn't about "Key Performance Indicators." It's our commitment to "Keep People Inspired," "Kindle Passionate Involvement," and "Keep Pursuits Ignited."

Join us, and let's co-create a good life, as you envision it. Because we believe in the audacious, the dreamers, the ones who see beyond the horizon. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Step into a realm where your role transcends the ordinary. We seek visionary wealth advisors, those with the heart and spirit to challenge conventional metrics and passionately craft a legacy centred on enduring value for our esteemed clients.

Harness the power of Poseidon Partner's cutting-edge institutional investment intelligence to curate unparalleled financial management services. Be the beacon that attracts and nurtures high net-worth relationships, crafting bespoke portfolios that resonate with their dreams. With us, it's not just about managing assets; it's about forging bonds, understanding aspirations, and sculpting financial masterpieces.

We're seeking extraordinary engineers, visionaries who see beyond the horizon and believe in the potential of technology to reshape the financial tapestry. If you're fuelled by a passion to challenge the norm and are eager to sculpt an AI-empowered platform that paves the way for individuals to realise their dream life, Poseidon beckons.

Seamlessly integrate groundbreaking technologies into our infrastructure, elevating our offerings to unmatched standards. Be the force that adds unparalleled value to our team, our clients, and the industry, designing experiences that captivate, inspire, and revolutionise. Join our journey, and together, let's architect the future.
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Poseidon Partner is a boutique financial group with world-class professionalism and expertise. Together, we shape the future of investment. Challenging the status quo of the industry, when market players focus on maximising KPIs and shareholder interests, we stand by your side with sagacity to realise the long term value of your investment